Ittehad Steel Rate Today 8 April 2024 Grade 40-60

Ittehad steel is one of the big saria companies in Pakistan. Ittehad Steel rate today is available on this page. Price of Ittehad saria 40 grade and 60 garde is given below. Ittehad Steel claims that “Our 500,000 MTA capacity places us among the leading private steel producers in Pakistan. High-quality rebar that satisfies international requirements is produced at our production facilities in Islamabad and Faisalabad.”

Ittehad Steel Rate

Ittehad Steel Rate Per Ton Today 21 April 2024 – Ittehad Saria 40 Garde 60 Garde

Ittehad Saria Rate per Matric Ton
Size and Grade Garde 40 Grade 60
3 sutar –  10mm PKR 263,000 PKR 265,000
4 sutar –  12mm PKR 261,000 PKR 263,000
5 sutar –  16mm PKR 261,000 PKR 263,000
6 sutar –  20mm PKR 261,000 PKR 263,000
7 sutar –  22mm PKR 261,000 PKR 264,000
8 sutar –  25mm PKR 261,000 PKR 264,000

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The Grade 40 and Grade 60 saria that Ittehad Steel now produces are excellent examples of toughness, longevity, and investment. Customers all throughout Pakistan are confident in their products since they manufacture Steel in accordance with international quality standards. Their saria will meet your demands, whether they are for building significant infrastructure projects or your house.

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