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Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan Today 2023 – DAP, Urea, NPK, SSP, SOP, MOP


Fertilizers provide important nutrients to crops for their healthier growth. The latest Fertilizer prices of all companies in Pakistan are available on this page. Fertilizers contribute in the increased yield of crops. Nutrients and minerals existing in in these fertilizers play a major role in the development of crops.

Major crops of Pakistan are Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugarcane, and vegetables. Especially wheat crop requires these fertilizers in rich amount than other crops. These escalate the fertility of soil hence increasing yield and profit at the end. Crop inputs fertilizers are available in the market in packing of 50 KG bag. Without the utilization of the crop supplements development of plant and crop yield will decrease significantly.

Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan 2020


Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan Today January 27, 2023


Average Price per 50 KG Bag

Urea – Sarsabz or SonaRs. 2,340
SSP2,000 to 2,500
SOP granular- FFCRs. 15,500 – 16,000
MOP – FFCRs. 11,900 – 12,100
Sarsabz NPRs. 9,370
NPKRs. 8,000 – 8,100
DAP (Sona, Pakarab or FFC)Rs. 11,600 – 11,700
DAP – SarsabzRs. 11,450
Sarsabz CAN-GRs. 2,120
Sarsabz CAN-FRs. 2,099
Sona Boran (3 KG pack)Rs. 950
Sona Zinc (3 KG pack)Rs. 1,050
Efert. Agritrade ZorawarRs. 12,175

Disclaimer Note: We try our best to update the prices on a daily basis. All prices are taken from the market these October differ from the invoice price or company rates. We do not sell Fertilizers we just provide prices information for users. So buy from the market on your own. If you are from a respective company or you want us to change and update these prices please inform us through the contact us page. 

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Crop Fertilizers Brand in Pakistan:

Major companies of fertilizer production in Pakistan are

  • Fatima Fertilizers (including Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd.) Khad Factory

Sarsabz Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), Sarsabz Urea, Sarsabz Nitrophos (NP)

  • Engro Fertilizers

Engro Urea, Engro DAP, Engro NP, Engro Zarkhez, Engro MOP, Engro SOP, Engro SSP,

  • Fauji Fertilizers FFC


Major Crop Fertilizers:

Major fertilizer utilized for increasing the crop productivity and making the soil more fertile by flooding in the field are;

  • NP (Nitrophos Nitrogen and Phosphorus)
  • Urea
  • SSP (Single Super Phosphate)
  • SOP (Sulphate of Potash)
  • MOP (Potassium chloride)
  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  • DAP (Di Ammonium Phosphate)

Basically fertilizer rates are decided by the Pakistani Government. Prices of all fertilizer brands are almost same but it can vary with little amount.

There is not a significant difference in Fertilizer prices in Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan provinces.

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  1. We have required the SOP & DAP both are in 50Kg bag for Islamabad
    Please send us rate with both option of FFC & Engro Fertilizer
    DAP 50kg Bag 10 No’s
    SOP 50Kg Bag 05No’s

  2. DAP is Very Expensive do somthing about it. it is to much. PM Imran Khan have to do somthing about it . rate 4,100 it is to much.

    I want to Import DPA in Pakistan . price will be low .

  3. I hope you will also mention MAP Mono Ammonium Phosphate & how it is marginally preferable to DAP in alkaline soils. Engro Zorawar I think is one such product.

  4. Yahan Iqbal abad-Rahim yar Khan me DAp 5700
    SOP-5200 uria-1700
    Itna zulm
    Price abhi confirm kea market se Dr.22-05-2021

  5. Rate in Farooqabad, district Sheikupura
    Nitro Phos Rs3880
    SSP Rs1550
    Urea +zinc Rs2300
    DAP 5700
    MAP 5650

    Why doesnt the government or Fertilizer Company widely publish the retail rates.

  6. Ye rate hmain to aj tk market m ni mily hr delar ki apnii price list h or wo apny hi rate py dy rhaa h jesaa k Urea ka aj ka rate 1850 h in sargodha mean 190 pr borii frq h apki rate list m or yhan m

  7. Oiam mansoor ali solangi
    I have 86hectors land for agriculture so ihave need of 200begs sona urea
    10begs DAP
    30begs NAP
    40begs zabardast urea
    For my sugarcane and cotton and other crops

  8. sir agher humein 100 bori urea chahiye ho tu app yahan Nawabshah mein kis rate pr pohahancha kr jaiyen gain
    Mujhe chye 100 Bori urea

  9. DAP Urea
    In ki Price me kami hogi ya increased Hogi jaldi sy btaoo bhai mujhe chye 100 Engro Urea Bage 50Kg

  10. Asslam o alaikum
    Sir i am a new former and i need all types of fertilizer in emergency material and i want to talk with you on call or contact me on my g mail.
    Plzz contact with me urgent

  11. sona urea blacked in district khanewal and price 2800 to 3000 okoand the refused the unknown persons only known can get on high price please take action against this mafia


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