Maize Price in Pakistan Today 2023 – Corn Makai Rate per 100KG

Price of Maize / Makki in Pakistan November 2023 Live Updates

Maize price in Pakistan is Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 7,800 per 100KG. Maize/ Corn or Makai, Makki is an important crop sown in northern / upper areas of Punjab. After rice and wheat, maize is the most significant food crop in Pakistan. In Pakistan, maize is mostly utilized as poultry feed. In addition to this, it is utilized in a variety of ways as human food. Residents of several areas of Pakistan, especially those in the northwestern mountainous regions, include it heavily in their diets. It is also used to make custard, jelly, edible oil, cornflakes, and glucose.

Maize Price in Pakistan Today

Maize Price in Pakistan Today November 28, 2023 – Corn / Makai Rate per 100KG

آج مکئی کا ریٹ فی 100 کلو گرام

District / CityMinimum Rate Per 100 KGMaximum Rate Per 100 KGAverage Rate Per 100 KG
Punjab Province
ArifwalaPKR 1,900 PKR 1,958 PKR 1,929
BahawalpurPKR 2,400 PKR 2,500 PKR 2,450
ChichawatniPKR 2,100 PKR 2,150 PKR 2,125
Chowk AzamPKR 2,000 PKR 2,170 PKR 2,085
DipalpurPKR 1,907 PKR 1,985 PKR 1,946
GojraPKR 2,000 PKR 2,150 PKR 2,075
KamaliaPKR 2,050 PKR 2,050 PKR 2,050
KasurPKR 1,875 PKR 2,000 PKR 1,938
PakpattanPKR 1,982 PKR 2,095 PKR 2,039
OkaraPKR 1,982 PKR 2,095 PKR 2,039
PattokiPKR 1,868 PKR 2,110 PKR 1,989
Rahim Yar KhanPKR 2,000 PKR 2,200 PKR 2,100
SahiwalPKR 1,975 PKR 2,075 PKR 2,025
Sindh Province
KhairpurPKR 1,900 PKR 2,000 PKR 1,950
SukkurPKR 1,900 PKR 2,000 PKR 1,950
KPK Province
BunnerPKR 2,600 PKR 2,700 PKR 2,650
MardanPKR 2,350 PKR 2,550 PKR 2,450

There are factories in Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan, and Rawalpindi that make a variety of items from maize / Makki. Due to the promotion of sophisticated hybrid varieties and the application of better production technologies, maize production and area have considerably expanded in recent years. It is possible to increase maize’s output per acre even further by adopting the recommended production technology and by cultivating superior varieties.

Above maize price is taken from the market which may differ from station to station. Makai / Makki or corn rate is updated on daily basis.

Makki or maize crop situation is disturbed because of recent rainfalls in Pakistan.

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