TR Garder price in Pakistan Today 2023 – T Iron and Garder Rates

TR Garder are used in roof structure where there is single story building. TR Garder price keeps changing on daily basis as it depends on the steel iron rates. If we compare this roof with RCC steel iron bars then it has less cost and less load bearing capacity. T iron and Garder are purchased from market in foot or per kg weight. There rates are always according to the weight of feet measurement.

tr garder price in pakistan

TR Garder price in Pakistan Today 29th November 2023

Price in market Rate per KG Rate Per Foot
T Iron (TR) Rs. 250 to 265 Rs. 220 to 290
Garder (Girder) Rs. 260 to 296 Rs. 350 to 400

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Disclaimer Note: All Prices are taken from market these can differ from the invoice price or company rates. We do not sell we just provide TR Garder price information for users. So buy from market at your own. If you are from respective company or you want us to change and update these prices please inform us through contact us page.

Steel companies Like Mughal Supreme, Ittefaq, Ittehad, Amreli Steel are the major brands which are selling T iron and girder in Pakistan. Simple sheds and farm houses mostly have TR garder in structure.

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  1. اسلام علیکم بھائی جان آج کا مارکیٹ ریٹ کیاہے
    Garder size. 8″*4″*1″‘
    TR . 1.5″

  2. Brother mujhe tear garder 8 ton cahee I’m distik nausahro feroze sindah please share prices and send cell no shop

  3. Jab Petrol ka rate barhtahe to Tajar her cheese ka rate Barha detay hen. Magar Petrol awr Dallor ka rate km hone ki Surat me Koi bhi rate kam nahi hot


    1. بالکل درست کہا آپ نے، ریٹ بڑھاتے ہوئے خوش ہوتے ہیں، کم کرتے موت پیندی اے😁

  4. Sir hamari masjad k leye hum tr gader Lena chahty hin kamry k Total pemaiesh ander andar sy 30.5*18.5 Hy our bramdy ki ander ander 30.5* 11 Hy please is k ley kitny aur kis kiss siez k t r gader lgynga please mkmal rehnmai krin aur sath min harch ka b hesab kr k bta din plz Alla Pak aap ko ajreazeem ata frmaye Yani total chht ki pemaiesh 34*33 bnti Hy dewaron k sath

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