US Dollar Vs Pakistani Rupee Live Updates January 2022


us dollar vs pakistani rupee


January 01, 2022

Dollar depreciated against PKR: 

Karachi (Commerce Reporter) The dollar depreciated by 30 paisas against the Pakistani rupee in the open currency market on Friday, while the euro and the British pound also depreciated.

According to a report by the Forex Association of Pakistan, The dollar depreciated by 25 paisas against the rupee, taking the buying price of the dollar from Rs 158.35 to Rs 158.10 and the selling price from Rs 158.40 to Rs 158.20, while the dollar also lost 30 paisas in the local open currency market.

The buying price of the dollar fell from Rs 158.30 to Rs 158 and the selling price fell from Rs 158.60 to Rs 158.30. .50 from Rs. 50 to Rs. 191.50, while the buying price of British Pound decreased by Rs. 4.10 from Rs. 222.60 to Rs. 218.50 and the selling price from Rs. 224 to Rs. 220.50.

Current Rate:

1 USD = 157.75 PKR

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