Tez Raftar Rickshaw and Loader Prices in Pakistan 2024

Tez Raftar Rickshaw Prices range from PKR 408,000 to 500,000. You can check latest prices of Tez Raftar Company rickshaw prices in 2024 on this page. This company is popular in the category of auto rickshaw in Pakistan. Tez raftar is auto rickshaws and loaders manufacturer in Pakistan.

Tez Raftar Rickshaw Price List 2024 – CNG Auto Rickshaws

Model Engine Seating Capacity Price List
Supreme 200cc 3 408,000
F2F (Face to Face) 200cc 6 428,000
Pick-UP (School Van) 200cc 10 463,000
Deca 200cc 9 447,000
Sixer 200cc 6 434,000
Pick-Up XL 200cc 10 488,000
Sixer-Tanga Body 200cc 6 434,000

Prices are ex-factor and inclusive of GST.

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tez raftar supreme 6 seater rickshaw

tez raftar f2f 6 seater rickshaw

tez raftar pick up 9 seater rickshaw

tez raftar deca 9 seater rickshaw

tez raftar tanga body 6 seater rickshaw

tez raftar pick up xl 10 seater rickshaw

Tez Raftar Motorcycle Loader Price List 2024

Model Engine Price List
Basic 200cc 285,000
With Booster 200cc 295,000
With Booster and Damping System 200cc 325,000
Basic 150cc 230,000
Hercules with Front Covers 150cc 240,000

tez raftar loader price

tez raftar motor cycle loader 150cc

Pictures Source: Facebook Profile: Tez Raftar Motorbikes & Rickshaws

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  1. I am interested in “Sixer-Tanga Body”
    Sales person cell no. is required as soon as possible.


  2. Assalamu ale kum sir my name is ismail jehan zeb sir i need 6 sexier body how much total price cng tank available or not

  3. Please give me the final price for F2F rickshaw also tell me the availability now in 2 days. Please send me the address and phone so come and buy really really I am interested to buy

  4. I loved the video on YouTube of your Manufacturing process. We have lost all our manufacturing in Australia, great to see people still making things, not replaced by robots

  5. Asc my name is kaare I live in Somalia I want buy more and also I want open office in my country can you help me please answer

  6. Assalam O Alaikum
    I was wondering if you could provide me with the cost of picking up an XL model rickshaw. Also, does the rickshaw come with a seat and is it possible to convert it into a truck style for loading purposes? Additionally, I am curious if you offer delivery services to other parts of Pakistan.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Rehan Ahmed

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