Diesel Price Today in Pakistan 2024, Latest Diesel Rate per Liter

The latest diesel price in Pakistan today is PKR 282 per liter. The price of diesel on this page is available on daily basis to keep you well aware. In Pakistan because of the instability of the US Dollar diesel rate keeps changing. Mostly on monthly basis, OGRA suggests price revisions. The oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA) is responsible for the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan.

Latest Diesel Price Today

Latest Diesel Price Today in Pakistan May 24, 2024:


Rate per liter

High Speed Diesel PKR 282
Light Speed Diesel PKR 165.70

The fuel price last revised on 1st May 2024.

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Prices may vary from province or city to city because of transportation charges. Prices of diesel in major cities of Pakistan are most likely the same. Pump stations in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan have to sell the Petroleum Fuel supply companies like PSO, Shell, Total, GO, Byco, Hascol, Attock, etc. are bound to maintain the rate set by the government. At petrol pumps, fuel is available at the same rates.

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Latest News about Diesel Price May 2024:

ISLAMABAD: The government has reduced the prices of petroleum products by 8 rupees 74 paise, a notification has also been issued.

According to the details, the Prime Minister approved the reduction in the prices of petroleum products for the next fifteen days. According to which, for the next fifteen days, the price of petrol has been reduced by 5 rupees 45 paise per liter and the price of diesel by 8 rupees 42 paise per liter has been approved.

After the recent reduction, the price of petrol per liter will reach Rs 288 49 paise while the price of high speed diesel will reach Rs 281 96 paise.
Similarly, the price of kerosene has been reduced by 8 rupees 74 paise per liter and that of light diesel by 5 rupees 63 paise per litre.

The new prices will be applicable from 12:00 PM till 12:00 PM on May 15.

Officials say that the price of kerosene and light diesel oil has also been reduced, but due to deregulation, the Ministry of Finance has not announced and issued a notification, but kerosene has been reduced by 8 rupees 74 paise per liter and light diesel. 5 has been reduced by Rs. 63 paise per litre.

Construction materials like Cement, Steel bar, etc also increase with the hike in petroleum prices.

FAQs about Diesel Rate:

What is the per-liter diesel price in Pakistan?

Ans: per liter, diesel price is PKR 282.24

What is the forecast for the price of diesel for next month?

Ans: it may decrease depending on fluctuation in the rate of the US Dollar and international fuel prices per barrel.

Who is responsible for fuel price revisions in Pakistan?

Ans: The oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA) prepares the summary and presents it to the prime minister of Pakistan for approval.

What was the highest diesel rate recorded in Pakistan?

Ans: Rs. 318 per liter in September 2023.

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