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Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Maple leaf cement price in Pakistan 2024 is PKR 1,285 per 50-kilogram bag. Maple leaf is the most popular and largest cement manufacturer brand in Pakistan. Though the price of maple leaf cement is a little higher than other brands its quality image is better too. The strength quality of maple leaf is also best, which is why it is a costly cement brand. The market rate of cement keeps changing because of the prices of raw materials.

maple leaf cement price

Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan Today July 18, 2024

Maple Leaf cement rate

Price per 50KG bag

Maple Leaf Cement OPC Rs. 1,270-1,285
White Cement Rs. 1,900 – 2,000

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Maple Leaf cement per bag rate is shared from the market it may change station to station. Cement prices have increased with a significant margin during 2022-23 year. These prices hiked because of fuel cost and global inflation impact. A competitor brand of maple leaf cement is DG Khan cement company.

Above rate of maple leaf cement is not stable we keep updating prices on daily basis. Cement is one of a major element of construction material. Besides the steel rate, prices of cement and other material are raised.

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