PM Orders Immediate Dissolution of Market Committees to control Inflation

Prime Minister has taken action to control rising inflation in the country. He has ordered immediate dissolution of market committees in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Prime Minister had recently received complaints about the market committees, on which he took action and decided to dissolve the market committees immediately.

PM Orders Immediate Dissolution of Market Committees

PM Orders Immediate Dissolution of Market Committees

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while taking action on rising inflation in the country, ordered immediate dissolution of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa market committees. According to details, a review meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in view of rising prices of essential commodities in the country, in which ministers and provincial representatives participated. In the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan was briefed on rising food prices. ۔

According to sources, on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the market committees failed to reduce the prices of food items. The market committees make money together with big traders and pressure groups. The Prime Minister said that we will bring a system that can really control prices.

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It should be noted that at present, inflation has kept the nation afloat. The government has repeatedly claimed to control inflation, but the people have not yet received any relief, while before January this year. Inflation rose by 0.06 per cent during the week, with 22 items including sugar, pulses and ghee becoming more expensive, while eggs, flour, vegetables became cheaper and prices of 23 items remained stable.

According to the weekly report of the Bureau of Statistics, in the first week of January this year, the rate of inflation increased by 0.06%. Last week, prices of 23 items remained stable while 22 essential items became more expensive and 6 items became cheaper. Among the six items that became cheaper last week were potatoes at Rs 1.13 per kg, eggs at Rs 7.49 per dozen, onions at Rs 2.3 per kg, tomatoes at Rs 6.58 per kg, chicken at Rs 21.30 per kg and flour at Rs 20 per kg. A kilo bag has become cheaper by Rs 25.44.

Similarly, among the 22 essential commodities, garlic became expensive by 36 paise per kg in one week, lentils at Rs 16 paise per kg, dal mash at Rs 67 paise per kg, groundnut at Rs 2 14 paise per kg and gram at Rs 1 per kg. The price of 32 paise per kg has gone up, a 2.5 kg can of ghee has gone up by Rs 8 44 paise and a domestic cylinder of LPG has gone up by Rs 144 32 paise. The report said that despite the import and crushing season, sugar has become more expensive by Rs 6.6 per kg. Sugar prices rose for the fourth week in a row. In four weeks, sugar prices rose by Rs 8.97 per kg. This brought the average price of sugar to Rs 90.6 paise per kg.

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